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ISO Quality Management
Electronic Document Control System
Exceeds ISO standards
Easy to Use Web Interface
Secure Document Respository
Password Protected
Built-In Document Change Flow
Role-Based Functionality
Automated Notifications
Copyright brings you a long-awaited product to provide document control assistance to ISO certified companies (and those working toward certification).

NOTE: Although our name specifies ISO
9001 this product is equally useful for all levels of ISO Quality Management System certification.

Many of you are using spread sheets, electronic file folders, paper files or other methods of controlling your ISO documents. As you well know this is inefficient and can easily cause
'findings' when audited.

Others of you are getting ready to certify or have recently certified and have looked at
available document control systems only to find they are expensive and difficult to use.

ISO Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is full featured, inexpensive and easy to use for both employees and ISO Quality Managers alike. Specifically designed for small and medium businesses and employing the most recent web development technology, the EDCS is robust, extensible, intuitive and accessible from any device with a web browser.

The ISO Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is a web-based product that you can host on your own Windows servers or any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer on your network.
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